Saturday, March 24, 2007

Curd Rice

Hi friends!!!!

Long time I haven’t posted any recipe….that doesn’t mean I have stopped cooking here in Singapore :P

Instead I have increased cooking as here in veggie food is not available easily and the one we get is really very expensive….but life became so hectic here that didn’t got time to post any recipe. Here in I have learnt few new recipe’s although south Indian and not Singaporean :D And today am going to post one such south Indian recipe which I and Sachin liked it so much that once we get back to Jaipur first thing am going to prepare this only… So before we leave Singapore I thought atleast I should post one recipe…

So Friends here I am with CURD RICE :)

Time to Prepare : 10 to 12 hours….hahahaha…don’t you think that it is going to take so much time…what a heck…It’s really easy




2 cups


4 cups


5 cups


3 tbsp

Green chillies


Dried red chilly


Mustard Seeds

1 tbsp

Curry leaves


Peanuts (fried)

½ cup

Red chilly paste

½ tsp


1 tbsp

Method: (now let me assure you first it is really easy)

  • Prepare rice with pinch of salt in it. (it’s upto you either prepare it in rice cooker or the conventional style but remember the ratio while prepare. Double the water, if rice is 2 cup water should be 4 cups)And keep it separate.
  • Warm milk and mix 3 tbsp curd to it.
  • Now pour this mixture (milk + curd) in the rice and mix it well.
  • Cover this and Keep this mixture (rice + milk + curd) in warm place for 5 to 6 hours.
  • After 5 or 6 hours take oil in pan and crackle the mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped green and red chillies.
  • Fry for minute and add this to rice bowl.
  • Add peanuts also.
  • Keep in fridge for 1 hour.
  • Serve cold, garnish with coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes and cucumber slices.

I hope you will find it as good as Me and Sachin liked it :)

PS: Image has been googled as I didn't took the snap while I cooked :) so credit of image goes to who ever has prepared it ;)