Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dreamland Pudding

· Pre-cooked Vanilla custard (as per the instructions on the pack)-----> 1 bowl
· Pre-cooked Strawberry custard (as per the instructions on the pack)-----> 1 bowl
Note: While preparing custard make sure to make it's consistency thick and should be semi solid kind of so that it is easy to spread layers. For making thicker increase the level of custard powder.
· Orange slices – 5
· Sunfeast Orange Maree biscuits – 10
· Cashewnuts for garnishing
· Fruit cake pieces – 3

· Take a serving bowl and put small layer of vanilla custard.
· Take fruit cake pieces and cut into four piece each
· Now Arrange cake pieces over the vanilla custard
· Spread strawberry custard layer over this
· Now take maree biscuits and crush them into fine powder
· Spread a layer of orange maree biscuit over strawberry custard layer
· Now spread vanilla custard over this
· Take orange slices and cut into small pieces
· Arrange them over vanilla custard
· Put final layer of strawberry layer and garnish with vanilla custard in centre and chopped cashews in the middle
· It’s ready put in refrigerator and serve chilled