Friday, April 24, 2009

Rice Cake

Hi Friends

It's long long time since I have posted any recipe. That doesn't mean am starving or not cooking :P Here am back again with a quick and simple recipe yet impressive one
  1. 2 cup boiled rice (can use left over rice as well)
  2. 1 cup bhindi (ladyfinger) bhaji (again can be left over)
  3. 1 cup cooked rajma1 cup cooked matar paneer sabzi
  4. 1 cup green chuttney (can be mint or corriander )
  5. 1 cup tomato sauce


You can use all the veggies and rice as left over from previous day party too.

  1. Take a deep bowl and greese it with ghee / butter/ oil.
  2. Now spread a layer of riceOver it spread a layer of green chuttney
  3. Again a layer of rice
  4. then a layer of rajma
  5. then a layer of rice
  6. again a layer of bhindi bhaji
  7. layer of rice
  8. layer of matar paneer
  9. layer of rice
  10. layer of tomato ketchup
  11. layer of rice

If you are non vegetarian you can substitute a layer of chicken gravy with bhindi bhaji . Then press it well with help of spatula. Once settled turn the bowl upside down over the serving dish and pat it from all sides. It will come out easily. Now the final garnish with ketchup (or your imagination)Rice cake is ready