Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pav Bhaji ...... my style

Aah after a long gap am posting another recipe here. hmm last I posted was on 16th March :D
And it's 17th May today. Anyways Sachin promised to post a recipe here which I don't think is going to be fullfilled any case. He makes good in kitchen but to put it on here :P Hope some day he will do that.
Okie now talked a lot , lets start cooking today Pav Bhaji, ummmm I just love it and so does sachin :)
Although there are various ways of preparing this, the way I follow is given below:


  • Potatoes (Basic ingredient :D and must cannot be skipped in any given case ) 5 big ones
  • Onions 4 big ones
  • Spring onions 1 (optional)
  • Green Capsicum 3 big ones
  • Carrot 2 in nos
  • Grean Beans 4 to 5 (can be skipped if not preferred)
  • Green peas (matter) 1 bowl
  • Cauliflower 1 big
  • Tomatoes 8 big ones
  • Red beans(rajma) 1/2 small bowl soaked overnight
  • Cholley (kabuli channa) 1/2 small bowl soaked over night
  • Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp
  • Green Chillies (according to your taste buds)
  • Salt to taste
  • Pav Bhaji masala 2 spoons
  • Butter - 300 gms
  • Tumeric powder - 1 tsp
  • Asteofida (Hing) - 1 tsp
  • Corriander powder - 2 tsp
  • Fresh corriander leaves finely chopped (1 bowl)


  • Soak rajma and kabuli channa overnight in a bowl
  • Now pressure cook this rajma and kabuli channa with salt for 3 whistles. It should become tender enough.
  • Boil potatoes, peel them and mash them
  • Take cauliflower, soak it in diluted water (water + vinegar).
  • Now if you have got food processor your life will become easier like anything
  • Chop the onions along with green chillies in processor and keep it aside. Along with it in blender you can puree the tomatoes and keep aside.
  • Now take cauliflower,carrot, capsicum, beans in processor and chop them finely
(Now people not having food processors can grate them or cut them into very small cubes)

Once the pre-preparation is done it comes to cooking time.

Cooking Method:

  • Take a wok (kardaahi or deep pan) and put 150 gms of butter to it. Saute the onions in it along with green chillies. Saute well
  • Once onions half done add ginger garlic paste to it and cook till golden brown.
  • Now add the vegetables (cauliflower + beans + capsicum + Carrot+ green beans) to it and cook till it's tender
  • Once the vegetables are fried well add tomato puree to it. Add tumeric powder (haldi),asteofida, corriander powder,Salt and pav bhaji masala.
  • Simmer it and cook till the tomatoes are properly cooked and it starts leaving butter.
  • Once done add the potatoes, 50 gm of butter, rajma and cholley to it.mix well. Now add 1 glass of water to it. and let it cook on simmer.
  • AS I have already mashed and chopped things finely thats why it do not require the masher, but still you can use your masher in between.
  • Add 1/2 cup of coriander to it , cover it and cook for 2 mins It's done now

Serve it with Pav's
Cut the Pavs into two equal halves and roast on the griddle (tawa) with butter on both sides.


Take bhaji in a plate, put some fresh corriander leaves, some chopped onions and a piece of butter, put two pavs in the side and serve it very hot


Do tell me how it come out to be


Mehak said...

Ohhh...even We love Pav Bhaji...
I use a Pressure Cooker instead of a Wok..
ohh ho...Preeti ab mujhe bhook lag rahe hai...Pav Bhaji khane ka mann kar raha hai :)

The Bhandari's said...

@mehak.... using pressure cooker makes things quicker but it differs in taste a lot. So I personally prefer wok :) even am feeling hungry now :D

Mehak said...

yaar u know..mein toh kam se kam time lage..uss mein vishwas rakhte taran enjoys watever i prepare toh chalta hai :)

Ricky said...

This looks another awesome recipe. I love pav-bhaji. Someone had told me this recipe but I had forgotten. I will try this too but after Daal-Makhani. You are on a roll. Both are my ultimate favourite recipes...

Ricky said...

@ Mehak - You are phunny!!

Sarika said...

hey its really nice and really less time taking i advice all to - just go for one and have a ncue breakfast in a min

Sanjana said...

Pav bhaji - takes me back to Juhu beach in Mumbai. thanksfor your version of pav bhaji. Very tempting and lovely presentation of the pav and bhaji.
Chk out this version of pav bhaji given by chitvish:

sharlin kaur said...

really a new style keep going RnD