Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Confesstion in Group of 5 Meme

Hmm have been tagged by my new food blogie friend Neelu so have to finish it anyhow :P Although this is my first tag for cooking blog, have been fullfilling tags for main blog though. Lets see what comes out of it :)
It seems to be an easy one, and will not take time much to finish this

So here I go with my 5 items..........

5 Items in my freezer

  1. Frozen Peas
  2. Ice
  3. Coconut Milk Powder
  4. Sambhar Powder/other Masalas
  5. Curry Leaves
5 items in my closet
  1. Jeans and Trousers
  2. Salwar suits / Churidaars
  3. Bangles (500 or more than that, now that is a big collection isn't it)
  4. Jewellery
  5. Night Gowns
5 Items in my car
  1. Ganesh ji's idol
  2. Small car hanging
  3. Old and new songs CD
  4. Water bottles
  5. Car documents
5 Items in my purse
  1. Cash ofcourse ;)
  2. Credit and Debit cards
  3. A comb
  4. Mediclaim ID card
  5. Home keys
Aah tag completed too within minutes. That was a very easy one :P
Loved it.... hmm now the time comes to tag people
Okie here it goes


Ricky said...

Food-tag :-|

That's a lots of churiyaan. Kitna cash hain purse main :P

Neelu said...

My god, that many bangles, I havent seen os many bangles together in my life :) I am a no jwelary girl :) just a ring and studs sufffice for me :)
Yup Our list matche a lot, I have a meme in mind which i I wll b tagging u all with , which is going ot need some thinking, so be prepared :)

Neelu said...

I m waiting for the new recipe. :)

Neelu said...

I am waiting for your new recipe mam

The Bhandari's said...

@neelu..... pretty busy these days but surely will come up soon with new recipes, thks for reminding me up :)