Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Masala Akki Roti


  • blackeyed beans ¼ small bowl

  • red kidney beans ¼ small bowl

  • rice flour 1 cup

  • lemon juice – 1 tsp

  • spring onion – ½ small bowl

  • tomatoes - 1 small

  • spinach – 3-4 leaves

  • Green bell pepper – 1/2

  • green cabbage – ½ bowl

  • cashewnuts – ½ bowl coarsely grounded

  • Salt and red chilly powder according to taste

  • Oil


  • Soak blackeyed beans and red kidney beans overnight and boil with spinach leaves and pinch of salt.

  • Boil them till the beans are tender and soft.

  • Now make puree of it in mixer and keep aside.

  • Chop spring onions, tomatoes, green bell pepper and green cabbage very finely.

  • Take a bowl and mix all the veggies along with beans and spinach puree.

  • Add coarsely grounded cashewnuts.

  • Add salt to taste and red chilly powder.

  • Add rice flour and make dough of semi solid consistency which should be sticky enough which can be spread by hand.

  • Now take a non-stick tawa which should be cold

  • Spread the batter with hand in shape of roti (thin layer ) by making hole in a center.It should be big hole just like we have in vada's (you can imagine this as a big size vada totally flaten and very thin).

  • Now roast this on high flame with putting very little oil on sides and center

  • You can make out yourself that it is done as it will become crisp and will start leaving sides so that you can pull it off from tava.No need to roast from other side.It is ready.To make another one again cool the tawa first and then repeat

  • Garnish with bellpeppers and ketchup.


Mrs.Kannan said...

Wawiii that one looks sooo yummy..Eyefeasting

Sangeeth said...

My first time here....its a great recipe!

Bhawana said...

looking very tasty